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Keno is a bingo-like game that originates from China and is over 2000 years old. Exactly how it was created is still highly unclear today, but there are those who believe that the game arose as a method for raising money for the Chinese wall. Nowadays, the game has become one of the really classic casino games, and if you ever have, or will visit a land based casino, you will surely find Keno. It is not only in the physical casinos that the game occurs, but it has also become a common feature of all the online casinos offering. Basically, Keno is a lottery game that can be likened to bingo, and the most common form that we Swedes know about has a total of 70 numbers. To win, it is necessary to dot a number of the 20 numbers that are drawn.

Play Keno in online casino

Playing Keno online is very easy. Most of all online casinos offer this type of game, and the fact is that there are great advantages to playing online compared to buying a ticket in a physical store. You get a great many more opportunities and can play significantly more variations of the game online, 24 hours a day. In addition, most of all online casinos are licensed in Malta or similar countries with liberal casino rules, which means that you rarely have to pay taxes on your winnings.

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When you play Keno on the internet, it is actually not the classic Swedish variant with 70 numbers that is the most common form, but instead it is a variant with 80 numbers that dominate. The rules are not particularly complicated; You can choose up to 15 numbers, then 20 of the total 80 numbers will be drawn. In order to win, it is up to you to insert as many of these as possible. If you pick all 15 numbers you will be very rich, but it is not particularly likely. However, it is far from impossible to get three or four right, which can give you relatively large profits. An advantage of Keno in the online version is that you get more choices to invest larger amounts, and in this way you can win even if you have not dotted the right.

Play Keno online in your mobile

In all its simplicity, Keno is really a great game for mobile devices and many even think it fits better in mobile versions than in the computer. Keno in the mobile phone works extremely simply because you only use your touchscreen as a tool. It is also not particularly difficult to find internet casinos that offer games on Keno in the mobile. It is more the rule than the exception that online casinos have a mobile-adapted version of its platform, and in 9 cases of 10, Keno is also included in the range of mobile games.

Beginner tips for those who want to play keno online

If you feel unsure where to find the games, there are excellent guides that compile online casino and its range. You can also check out the grades and current bonuses at these casinos to see which one suits you best. Then there are most forums and the like that you can turn to for further information. When you have chosen a suitable casino, it may be good to try the game in free version (most online casinos offer free games) to test you. It is also recommended to go out low and do not invest too much in the beginning, then when you feel more at home in the game you can switch up a snap.

In the most common variant of the game with 80 numbers, it is of course optimal to get 15 out of 15 right. But, purely mathematically, it is virtually impossible, it is just a chance of 428 billion this occurs. If you are aiming to play safely with the odds on your page, you should instead choose four numbers, then your chances will increase considerably to win because you usually receive dividends even when you have two correct numbers. If you choose four numbers, you have a 25% probability of winning.

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