RTP in Casino Games

“Now we’re increasing the repayment rate” Have you perhaps heard them say in the advertisement? But what does it really mean? We straighten out your question marks around RTP, volatility, repayment and casino payout. With us, you find out which games have the best return and we also give you tips on where you can play.

What do the terms mean?

The casino world contains many expressions and abbreviations when it comes to refunds that can sometimes be a little difficult to understand. Volatility, RTP and hit rates are just some of the expressions you may have heard of but do not really know what they actually mean.

We sort out the concepts.

RTP : is an abbreviation that stands for Return To Player. It is a calculation of how much a slot machine or a casino pays out in relation to how much is invested. The higher the RTP, the greater the chance that you will win.

Volatility : A concept that is most often seen when discussing economics and equities. It is a word that is used to describe what the risks look like in relation to the reward. A game with high volatility has a high risk, and a chance of high wins (you win less often but bigger wins.)

Hit rate : This may not be seen that often in Swedish casinos, but simply describes how often a slot machine distributes winnings. It says nothing about how much money is repaid or whether profits are large or small. Just how often there is a profit. High hit rate means that profits are pouring in.

Games and payouts

As with equities, online gambling can give you money back if you choose to bet. How much can go back differs somewhat depending on the type of game you choose. If a game has a 98% payback percentage, this means that SEK 98 of every hundred kroner bet goes back to the players. However, this does not mean that everyone who invests SEK 100 gets SEK 97 in profit. One player can win SEK 194, while another does not win at all.

We take a closer look at some of the most common games online and compare:

Slots – Online slot machines , which are one of the most popular forms of gaming, have an average payout of 98%. Some are higher, others are lower. Among the highest, we find, for example, Mega Joker with an RTP of 99%.

Jackpots : The RTP presented is for the base game itself, not the progressive jackpot . The average payback is 95.5% if you make a calculation on all jackpot slots.

Video Poker : The average payout percentage for video poker is 98%. This can actually be influenced by playing with strategies and then increasing to 99%. You have the best chance at the slot machines that offer games with wilds, such as Deuces Wild.

Blackjack : What makes this card game so popular is that you can reach a very high RTP if you play with optimal strategy. For the average player, it is around 95% while the pros reach a casino payback of over 99%. Read more about blackjack if you also want to learn to play like a pro.

Roulette : Using statistics, one can with high security set an RTP of 97.3% for French roulette. It is also the form of roulette that has the highest payout. Keep in mind that American roulette with two zeros gives the bank a greater advantage, and therefore a lower RTP for you who play.

Baccarat : Depending on how you bet, baccarat has a theoretical payback percentage of between 85.64% up to 98.94%. This is because you can bet in three different ways, and they all have different high chances of giving you a profit. Learn to play baccarat here.

Scratch cards : Scratching tickets online is better than buying a paper lottery ticket at the store. The ones you find online have a slightly higher payout percentage. One of those with the highest RTP is Lucky Numbers from Microgaming with 96.57%. However, the average is around 95%.

Keno : This form of play is incredibly difficult to calculate. It simply depends on how many numbers you choose to bet on. The biggest RTP will be if you play with 15 numbers, and the lowest with a bet on one number (which should not be confused with the chance of winning which is something completely different). 75% up to 94.39% is what RTP ends up with when it comes to Keno games.

Poker : A poker pro can win many times, and a person who does not know the game at all can lose every hand. It also makes poker one of the most difficult to calculate RTP on. It’s simply a little too much about knowledge, experience and how good you are at bluffing. If we only look at statistics, the RTP ends up at 95 – 98%, but as I said, it is uncertain. Want to know more about online poker ? More in our article on poker.

Do casinos have different payouts?

Yes that’s how it is. A slot machine may have a certain RTP calculated, but depending on where you play, the actual payout may be a little different. A slot can pay out more than 99% at one online casino , and only 75% at another to do just the opposite the next day.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in knowing the casino payout in percentages, those figures are always calculated afterwards and are therefore more accurate.

Two examples *

Example 1: 100 million is deposited in total by players on Mr Green. During the same period, they pay out 98 million in profits. Mr Green’s payout percentage will then be 98%.

Example 2: A total of 73 million is deposited by players at Voodoo Dreams Casino. They pay out 67 million in profit during the same period. Voodoo Dreams then has an RTP of 91.78%
* All figures in the examples are theoretical and do not have to correspond to the truth

In other words, all casinos have different high RTPs, or payback percentages, but those numbers are always true, unlike RTP on slots, which is a theoretical payout of winnings.

Do all casinos report their RTP?

No, they actually do not and there is nothing to say that they have to either. Unibet is one of the gaming sites that is more than happy to tell you about its RTP as they are a casino that is at the top when it comes to paying out winnings to players.

Which did not decrease immediately when they chose to have a Super Casino with an extra high RTP on the games – 98%.

More about RTP

When it comes to RTP on gaming machines, it usually says everything in the information inside the game. It is calculated for a long time. Before a game is released, tens of thousands of spins are simulated and all wins and losses are recorded. Then you calculate how much money has been put into the machine, and how much has come out. The difference is presented in percent.

This percentage will then change as you get more sustainable data after players around the world have spun a few million times together. So – the older a game is, the more accurate the theoretical payback percentage is.

The same is true with casino RTP. But the sums you count on will then be a little bigger.

Calculate on your own

You can calculate an average casino payout on your own if you wish. All gaming companies report results every year and by going through them and calculating the difference between revenue from games and payment of winnings, you get their RTP as a casino site. But… who can handle it?

Choose one of the casinos we recommend here on the site instead and you will always get a gaming site that has a decent RTP and that pays out your winnings. We keep track and make sure everything goes legally.

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